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Neither here nor there

I have been thinking a lot about where my life is taking me, and where I'd like to take it, too. I recently took the 16 Personalities test and it revealed that my personality aligns much with 'Mediator'. It was an interesting revelation yet not an unsurprising one.

I regularly feel like I am out of place. Do I belong here or there? I can never figure out which space I best occupy and the type of people that enjoy to have me around. The truth is, I like a lot of things in life. While this is good and keeps me occupied, it is also what pulls me back from being my one hundred percent authentic self. Or at least exceptional at one thing instead of good in many.

I enjoy art, reading, reviewing books, collecting books, teaching, history and politics, writing, editing, media marketing and design, studying, or doing nothing at all. I know I am a very determined person, and I know I have achieved many things in my life and for my age, but when you are someone who always feels like an imposter, it is very hard to accept your achievements. Although they are yours, they don't feel like they are deserving of your ownership. But...

I have come to embrace these intricacies about myself and the things I enjoy. I have come to realise that this is who I am and I have claimed ownership of the little things that I have achieved. This is where this website comes in.

I wanted to capture all the little things that bring me joy into one space and share it here with you. I want to introduce you to amazing Australian authors and their books, I want to engage in critical discussions over what makes or breaks a book by putting together book reviews for you to reflect upon, I want to share the wonderful things that make us who we are through the historical timeline, and I want to just be me - without the social media, without the ads, without the pressure of presenting myself a certain way on a million different platforms. I invite you to join me on this new journey.

And I can't wait to reveal new and exciting things that are coming my way!

Until next time,

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