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Past Events

Nothing brings me more joy than chatting with all your favourite Australian female authors. Sometimes international, too. Each Tea Time Tuesday session is recorded on Instagram Live, with a book review of the author's most recent work. Find all previous conversations with an author you love here!

Vidya Madabushi

In this session, I chat with Vidya about the power of love in her Australian debut The Days Toppled Over, how to write warm and relatable characters, and what drives her writing practice.

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Sara M Saleh

In this session, I chat with Sara about the importance of celebrating diverse voices, how stories help preserve identities, and the inspiration behind her debut novel Songs for the Dead and the Living.

Kat Vella & Mona Magazine

In this session, I chat with Kat about Issue 3 of Mona Magazine, the importance of literary magazines in Australian literature, and the power of championing women's voices .

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Amra Pajalić

In this session, I chat with Amra about managing cultural expectations, how writing her memoir Things Nobody Knows But Me helped her heal, and the secret to writing a great editorial.

Maiya Ibrahim

In this session, I chat with Maiya about getting lost in fantastical Arabian worlds, the inspiration behind her story making, and the importance of subverting literary genres and tropes.


Amanda Hampson

In this session, I chat with Amanda about her newest release The Tea Ladies, the secret to becoming a success, and what makes good historical (non-) fiction

Tee Harlowe

In this session, I chat with Tee about her journey from editor to author, why she chose to self-publish, and what we can expect from her new series Wishing for a Magical Midlife.


Sarah Ayoub

In this session, I chat with Sarah about her author journey, why advocating for author rights is important for Australia’s literary future, and what inspired her 2022 release The Cult of Romance.

H. Hayek

In this session, I chat with H. Hayek about drawing inspiration from what you know, how teaching informs her creative writing, and the beautiful prose of Huda and Me, her debut middle grade novel.


Bronwyn Birdsall

In this session, I chat with Bronwyn about the craft of writing, the delicacies of writing a book as an 'outsider looking in', and the many adventures that inspired her debut novel, Time and Tide in Sarajevo.

Amani Haydar

 In this session, I chat with Amani about the beauty of motherhood, intergenerational trauma, and how her personal experiences gave her the strength and voice to write her memoir, The Mother Wound.


Lana Spasevski

In this session, I chat with Lana about the traditional publishing process, the inspiration behind The Sadie Series, and why writing for children matters.

Farah Yaghmour Elsaket

In this session, I chat with Farah about her debut self-published middle grade novel Douha and the Mystery of the Oak Tree, the importance of giving voice to minority communities, and what inspired her to get into writing.

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