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A place to spill the tea over good reads, muse over the past, and meet incredible Australian authors.

What’s the reason behind this newsletter?


I wanted a space where readers could connect with me as a writer - and grow with me, too - without the distraction of ads, the pressure of presentation, and limited word counts. I wanted a space that would allow me to be my whole self, connecting with you, dear readers, as I would a close friend over a hot cuppa. It’s a more expansive version of my Instagram.

This newsletter is a place where I can share my musings on literature and history, recommend good reads, explore the practice of writing while simultaneously digging deep into archives, reflect on my experiences as a writer-teacher-small biz owner-mother, and share the wisdom from Australian female authors I have the privilege to interview from time to time.


This newsletter is where my two worlds collide: literature and history.

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When you subscribe, you get the perk of staying up-to-date on all things literature and history. Every newsletter goes directly to your inbox when you subscribe - it can’t get better than that! From time to time, I offer free books to my subscribers when  host a giveaway challenge, all to support Australian authors and to thank YOU for supporting me.

When you subscribe, you directly support my writing journey.

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